Background Information

There are a few things you should know about Goha and his world that might help you understand why he is the way he is.

  • He’s not a pure-blooded Arabian. He’s a mix of a Black Scythe (hence his gang name; this creature is a threatening predator that is extremely rare and nearly impossible to capture/tame/survive a meeting with) and Arabian horse.
  • Due to this, he had to take a specific mineral to keep his Scythe background from coming through and turning him completely feral. Due to a shortage, he had begun saving what he had for his kids, and that, in the end, resulted in his unavoidable death.
  • His death, however, was recorded via the News Stations, his Journal, and the various cameras of Dar-Mar, and is rumored to be the result of him acting out against the government than his actual genetics.
  • He used to be a show horse, however he wasn’t exactly into the lifestyle and left as a young stallion to live on the streets with more animals.
  • Dar-Mar, his city, is run by humans who mistreat the animals it has based on caste (hooved animals are lower on the system than things such as dogs)
  • He hates humans and dogs due to this. Also, he’s had bad encounters with dogs - intelligent ones - so he prefers to just stay away from them.
  • He’s afraid of water since he cannot swim.
  • He’s illiterate and has either his Wife or his ECC write/read for him.
  • The Black Scythes run Dar-Mar as their own little playground.
  • Goha’s intention for the Scythes has varied over the years, however his newest goal (in the past 10-20 years) has been to get kids off the street, give animals jobs, and get rid of their human oppressors. 
  • He has several alliances, whom have passed on to his wife now that he’s deceased.
  • He owned a mechanic shop down town he used to keep himself safe from the government’s control and snooping.
  • His underground is a vast series of tunnels and one giant auditorium that he built himself over time. No one knows about it outside of the various rumors from word-of-mouth, and only few have seen the locations of the entrances. Only Goha knows where every entrance is, every location of every exit, and how to get there from pretty much anywhere.