/He chuckled lightly, one of his ears swaying back to listen to the slight sounds coming from behind him. The smoke she exhaled was complimented by his own as he let out a low, long breath through his nostrils, looking like some kind of deformed dragon due to the strangely black smoke./

Beautiful name, Winnie. 

An artist? Hardly. /He chuckled lightly, the vocal chords in his throat worn down to a raspy hiss form years of smoking and God knew what else/ Used t’tag for territory. It’s pretty pathetic, but it’s better than pissin’ on some street side like a goddamned dog.

/The stallion tilted his head up lightly and looked her over once, ears flipping forward to give her his full attention as he began musing to himself/

What do you do, if y’don’t mind me askin’?

Aside from playin’ den motha’ ta a bunch a’ yahoos— a little tinkerin’, in my spare time.

{ tapping an impeccably manicured fingernail against a lens of the goggles adorning her head, she gives a self-satisfied smirk }

These babies aren’t just fa’ show, ya know. Brotha’ was a Construction Mechanic in the Navy.

Ah, fellow mechanic, eh? Wonderful t’hear, babe.

I think I like you more already /gives a dry chuckle, then sobers/

Fergive me f’bein’ so… y’know, grumpy earlier. I - uh - I don’t trust humans. I have a feeling I could get along with anyone from Vengeance, howev’r. Just a speculation. /smirks/