Ah, fellow mechanic, eh? Wonderful t’hear, babe.

I think I like you more already /gives a dry chuckle, then sobers/

Fergive me f’bein’ so… y’know, grumpy earlier. I - uh - I don’t trust humans. I have a feeling I could get along with anyone from Vengeance, howev’r. Just a speculation. /smirks/

{ at the other’s halting, but clearly sincere apology, she looses an airy giggle— unperturbed by his initial aggression }

Big Daddy knows how ta pick ‘em, that’s fa’ sure.

{ she hasn’t the slightest idea where he might be coming from, but having come across a fair share of characters in her time with Vengeance, she’s developed the understanding of a saint }

/chuckles, a sincere smile crossing his face as he leans back in his stance, then decides to try and pop his back into place/

He sure is a fascinatin’ fellow, ain’t he? Heh. /looks into the distance in thought, then flicks his ear lazily/ Well, if yeh ever need a shop or somethin’, yer welcome t’any of my places any time. Got it? /offers a grin/ Any need of Vengeance’s has become mine.