Meeting for the Dead (@Aldous)

Rose adjusted her dress as she stood around Macabre Hall, trying to keep herself from feeling too nervous. Fidgeting was one of her petpeeves, but she just couldn’t help but do it today because of the concoction of events that were supposed to happen.

The celebration of the alliance of the Third Street Saints and the Black Scythes was happening now. A party, dinner themed, formal, and made really only for certain top dogs of each gang. Gwen couldn’t make it - which honestly Rose was glad for. Having the leader of a gang at any sort of party of this type was extremely dangerous, which was why she and her husband agreed she would be the one to host it, not Goha. You never knew who would attempt to burst in.

Smiling, the mare greeted a few more Saints as they stepped in, then began entertaining Pierce as they tried to figure out how to start the party. Still… there was one guest she was eagerly awaiting, and thus dismissed herself kindly from the circle of friends she spoke with and stepped closer to the entrance door. Was that medic- Aldous, was it? - already here?

Snipers outside were prepped and ready to keep the party from being disrupted - courtesy of the Saints. Body guards and bouncers were also doing patrols around the building, mostly made of her own special forces, but they all knew to look out for any sort of man who appeared to be a doctor. Check him first - but let her know if he claimed the title of Aldous Haswell.

God, she hoped tonight would stay according to plan…