Some facts about Goha (and his family) You should know:
  1. Goha is 7’8” tall
  2. His wife is 8’3” (Yes, his wife is taller than him. Arabians are actually rather small horses)
  3. Both of them are purebred. Goha is registered under his birth name, however after his first body modification, he lost all benefits to his name (registered purebreds are paid a certain amount of money each year, as well as are required to pass on their genetics whether by covering/being covered (covering is the formal[?] term for mating in horse breeding) or sperm/egg bank)
  4. His wife was a dressage mare before being sold to someone who decided to “let her free to be in the wild.” Although freedom was appreciated, she ended up getting into a lot of problems due to being bred and raised in domestication.
  5. Goha’s wife’s “gangster” name is Gold Dust (due to her coat color), and they met through accident on a mission while in the same gang.
  6. Both ended up getting together and left their former gang to create the Black Scythes together. The original name of the gang is unknown, and is called “Black Scythes” due to people only knowing Goha’s name at the time, and thinking that it was the gang’s name instead.
  7. They ran the gang together as a team until a terrible violent act against Gold Dust caused her to miscarriage their first child together, and both decided that if they were going to have a family, she must stop the lifestyle and raise the children in the safety of their home. To do this, they faked her death, and she went into hiding for a few months before reemerging with a few body modifications as Goha’s “new” wife. No one knows any of this happened except for Goha’s close friends.
  8. Chris, aka “Slave Driver,” was hired by Goha to protect his eldest adopted daughter, Brandi Taylor, once he found out she was still alive. He’s a quiet stallion, however is extremely dangerous and overprotective of his family, hence why he was prime choice for the job in Goha’s eyes.
  9. Goha hates his birth name, and made up his current name (that he’s had for years) with the help of his first gangster friend. He liked the way it sounded when he said “Go! Hahaha!” and, though his buddy never let him live it down, used that name instead of his birth name.
  10. No one knows Goha’s birth name, not even his wife. That’s how much he hates it.
  11. Goha is blind in his left eye due to untreated cataracts, however a modification in the eye he got before the accident allows him to see if someone has an ECC, and to see if that ECC is one issued by the government or one the average citizen has. It also allows him to see if someone has any sort of government ID on them (if they’re from my story, since they have different sorts of IDs) as well as any weaponry. It’s an x-ray of sorts, although he doesn’t see anything that would be embarrassing for the other party.