Constantly updated list of common Animal Slurs

  • Insults: These terms may not sound bad, but they are some of the nastiest terms used around the slums and occasionally behind the scenes of a business. Most all animals know them, humans may, but they don’t often care enough to use them back unless they grew up in the slums with the animals. These are just as bad as calling a colored man “Nigger” to his face.  Use with caution.
  • -       Claw Scratcher, Pussy: Felines (“Claw Scratcher” may be used to refer to dogs, however mostly applies to “post scratching” species, aka felines. “Pussy” may also be used with the human definition[s])

  • -      
  • Putty Tat: Feline equivalent of “Bitch”
  • -       Meow/Mew/Mow/Miau: Used to mock any Feline accent
  • -       Smooth Skin, Peach/y [animals may also pick up on human slang terms as well, such as cracker (“whitey”) or chink, ect]: Human
  • -       Tree Pisser: Canines (specifically domesticated dogs)
  • -       Wolfy: Wolves, foxes, other wild dogs
  • -       Bow-wow-wow/Woof woof/Awoo: Used to mock any Canine’s accent
  • -      Scaley: Scaled animal.
  • -      Flat belly: Snakes, dragons, or any other creature that either crawls on its belly or has smooth scales on its underbody.
  • -       Nag: Horse equivalent of “Bitch”. Often combined with “old” to make an even worse insult.
  • -       Brooder: Horse equivalent of “Slut” or “Whore.” Based off of the term “brood mare.”
  • -       Hoofer: any hooved animal, especially horses, bovine, and deer.
  • -       Whee-Snaw: Used to mock any hooved animal’s accent; more insulting if the animal in question isn’t equestrian.

Domestication (Insults): These are based off of any sort of domestication by humans, aliens, or otherwise. It’s a very common thing for wild animals not to want to look or become “tame,” therefore any sort of domestication can be used or seen as a slur against someone. Some animals, such as show, breeding, or competing animals (dressage horses, show dogs, ect) may take these as a compliment. It all depends on the animal’s situation.

  • -       “Raised by Wolves”: Any human who tries to live with animals, or has been raised in animal slums
  • -       “Slave”: Refers to any animal (or human) – whether literal slave or not – that works for another source. Can be used to slam a career, a job/work place, or could be used as an insult to an animal if they’re very obviously independent (or if they’re working for any human resource, whether friend or boss)
  • -       “Man’s Best Friend”: Sort of like ‘slave,’ however is more focused on an animal that works for any one human [organization]. Especially used for those who have very close human friends.
  • -     “Show Toy”: Used against any animal that is used in shows, especially breed-specific shows.
  • -     “Trophy Mount”: A slur specifically used against race, show, cross-country, dressage, and jumping equestrians.
  • -     “Pelt of shame”: Fur, skin, scales, or feathers that are so over preened they shine, or are of show quality. Considering most animals are poor, it’s pretty uncommon for their fur to be this pristine.
  • -    ”Wouldn’t you be a good/pretty little/excellent ______”: A phrase often used by humans to defame animals - especially those who are free and of merit able quality. For example, Goha’s wife is a purebred Tenneesee Walking Horse, and used to be a dressage horse. If a human saw her now, they could insult her choice in lifestyle by saying “You’d make a perfect show horse,” or “you were such a good dressage horse…”. Basically turning them into property or trophies instead of acknowledging them as intelligent individuals.
  • -       “Fluffy,” “Spike,” “Killer,” various other common pet names: Disrespects the animal, once again putting them in a domestic dumb (incapable of human thought, speech, or both) animal category.


There’s more, but this is all I can be assed to write down right now.